Sheffield Massachusetts

Sheffield lies in the heart of the Berkshires at the point where the hills open into a broad valley and the plain throws into contrast the loftiness and grandeur of the mountains.

To the south are the picturesque Canaan hills ; to the east the low lying mountains roll off in successive bil- lows; the western view is obstructed by the Taconic range rising upward to the Dome; and to the north are glimpses of the uplands of central and northern Berkshire. It touches Connecticut on the south and is shut off from the state of New York only by the western mountains.

In common with the rest of the Berkshires, Sheffield is in direct communication with the city of New York which commands much of its products. The Berkshire Hills Division of the New York, New Haven and Hartford affords quick and ready connedlion with the metropolis and other cities to the south. The Boston and Albany, at Pittsfield, thirty miles north, brings into communication Boston and the east, and Albany and the west.

Three hours bring one to New York, thru the Connecticut hills with their varied beauty. Thru Canaan, over the Connecticut line, the Central New England, recently absorbed by the Consolidated, connedls with Hartford. It goes thru a country abounding in physical irregularity, ruggedness, and charm.

Five miles north of Sheffield is the southern terminus of the Berkshire Street Railway, the well-equipped road that has united western Massachusetts by its lines in almost its entire extent. This road and the steam cars join Sheffield to that far famed country in which are Lenox, Stockbridge and Lee.

Lenox, the town of palatial summer homes, is twenty miles north of Shef- field. It will be remembered that this sedlion is intimately connedled with the lives and careers of many leaders in American life and letters, — with Bryant, Hawthorne, Holmes, Longfellow, Jonathan Edwards, Beecher and Channing. Berkshire County and Litchfield County to the south in Connedlicut have brought forth and nourished many great Americans.

Sheffield, in the centre of this region, is admirably placed for the seeing of these points of historical interest, having at the same time an environment of much natural beauty.

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