Recent house project in Chatham NY

We recently completed the first phase of preparation and painting work on a fine old farm house exterior in Chatham New York. Most of the work involved carefully scraping off old peeling paint and collecting and disposing of the material.

During meetings with the client we explained that we could commit to completing the following tasks on the house exterior before the end of the 2009 painting season:

Remove mildew and grime from house exterior surfaces
Remove window shutters
Scrape peeling paint areas
Apply color-tinted oil based primer to scraped areas

We did this work on an hourly basis, giving the owner an estimate that the above tasks will take an approximate amount of hours, and actually completed the work in a shorter time frame. The owner had some painting work performed on his barn by a nephew, and we gave him the option of allowing the nephew to continue under our supervision, if he would prefer.

Once we were underway, we gave him a projection of the costs for the following:

  • topcoat entire house to same/similar color scheme
  • topcoat entire house to different color scheme

We pointed out that a value change of several shades lighter or darker can require one or two extra coats to achieve full opacity.

This phase of the work was completed well in advance of the end of the painting season.

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